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Maggie with Stephen NJoroge's family

A BUCKET-FULL CHRISTMAS! Smiles and tears of joy.

We rushed from one supermarket to the next, from one family to another carrying good news! Smiles and tears of joy flowed freely.  One family didn’t know what they were going to eat that day. TKW encounters families living in poverty and lack of basic needs most of their lives. But many of them received…



That smile tells his story. Dominic Nderitu comes from a very poor background and in an environment where only animals should survive.  He lives with his father and grandmother along the corridor of Samburu game reserve in Laikipia which is undeveloped and sparsely populated.  One has to walk for long distances to get to school,…

Bob Baraka ftr img


Bob Baraka’s journey: “Name Baraka means blessings but at about 9 or 10 years old I had no enjoyed any blessings.  My life was hopeless.”  We rescued Bob on 4th June 2007 from Joseph Kang’ethe (JK) government rehab centre. During Tumaini kwa Watoto – (Children of hope) Team’s regular visit, he caught their attention because…