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Tumaini News: February 2017 Thank you for walking with me Heddwyn & Lydiah spent Christmas 2016 in Kenya, connecting with family and friends. One of the highlights of our visit to Kenya was spending an afternoon with these young men.  Listening to their stories of how much they appreciate TKW’s intervention when they were lost….


“Education means everything to most children.  When I was in primary school, I couldn’t get enough reading materials. Finding books to read was a challenge.  I would borrow books from other pupils who could afford them and read around the fire late into the night.   I wanted to work hard to join a government funded…

James Mburu- 1000th child-1000 reasons TKW keeps going to the streets

Celebrate with us. 1000 children off the streets and back with their families! Tumaini’s number one priority is getting the children back home and back to school.  Every child living or loitering on the streets has a reason for being there and not by chance. TKW team is alert whenever we spot a child walking…