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Mbutu1Joel Mbutu, 12 years old:  A malnourished orphan for lack of food

Joel & his sister are orphans who live with their grandfather.  “All I wanted was some food in my stomach.  Hunger made me to venture to the streets.  Lack of food at my grandfather’s house worried me.  We used to have one meal of maize and beans at school. It was often the only meal for the day and at times my sister and I would sleep hungry.” Joel shared this as the TKW team were taking him home. His grandfather confirmed that it was his first time to be on the streets. He told us that they looked for him everywhere including reporting to the police station.  Joel was reintegrated back home by TKW team.

When there is poverty at home, children are the ones who pay the highest price of inequality among us. If we join hands together to help, each one of these children can enjoy basic necessities of life.

Mbutu's grandfatherJoel requested us to plead for his readmission and go with his grandfather to his former school.   The school administration were happy to re-admit him. “I’m pleased with the outcome because now I have another chance to pursue my dreams.” The teachers shared about an ongoing project that started this year. The project has the local administration’s support. They will supply foodstuff to needy children.  Joel & his family will enjoy the benefits of this project.

Joel has been on the streets since last September 2015.  This was when there was a teachers strike in Kenya which meant that children stayed at home.  Joel & his sister missed the school lunch which kept them going.  Joel found it difficult to cope without the school lunch. The little food his grandfather provided was not enough to sustain him and his sister.  He thought things would be better on the streets, but things didn’t work out for Joel.

Joel requires his education needs met and other bare necessities of life. Would you consider supporting Joel’s grandfather to give his grandchildren daily food and education?

GichukiMy heart weeps for such little ones.  TKW team met with Emmanuel on the streets after he run away from his paternal grandparents’ place.  He came to look for his brother and his mother.  It was a timely rescue for him because he hadn’t been long on streets of Nairobi alone. As we talked with him, we asked, “Why are you not in school?’’ Emmanuel responded by sharing his story.  This made us think about how we could help him find his way back home. Emmanuel shared with us that he was looking for his family. “I am looking for my brother and my mother. I want my mum. I wonder if someone could help me trace them.” Last week we found his mum who was happy to receive her son back but the family is very needy. She said, “I was not feeling well for some time after separation with Emmanuel’s father. Please assist me with school fees as I pick up and get organized to look for a job.”

Please partner with us to empower this family: Emmanuel, mother & her children need you.  Will you a partner with Children of Hope Tumaini Kwa Watoto to give Emmanuel hope and a future?  Emmanuel needs school uniform and school requirements of Kshs 6,000 (£42).  His mum would like to start a small business with Kshs. 10,000 (£80).

GodrickRejection drove him to the streets…Only 10 years, Godrick Mjomba is adventurous

TKW team took Godrick for a cup of tea and Mandazi (doughnut) when they met him on the streets. He shared his reason for coming to the streets. ’’I came to find my mother.”  His mother abandoned him when he was little in a relative’s home to go look for work as a house help. Godrick’s grandparents later decided to bring him under their custody. Godrick was born out of wedlock and he does not know his father who could provide his upkeep.

Godrick has a strong desire for adventure just like any boy of his age. TKW team met him when he was fresh from the village.   It wasn’t difficult to convince him to open up and share his story.  He still had his books intact a good sign that school held a key place in his heart.

Godrick and grandfather2His grandparents said that his mother started rejecting him since his was born. She showed him no affection and it wasn’t a surprise that she abandoned him. Godrick has not seen his mother for four years and he had started feeling the void of a mother’s love.  After listening to him, we offered to take him back home to his grandparents.  He was hesitant for fear of being punished for leaving home without permission.  His grandfather was at home and welcomed us. “I do not understand why Godrick ran away. “Godrick’s grandfather said to us.

Godrick will go back to school soon and we will visit him regularly to help him settle at home. This costs 6,000 Kshs (£42) per every home visit. We’ll also continue to look for his mother before he embarks on mission ‘find mum’ again. Every child needs a functional family!