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Why does a mother abandon her child?

Alex MuturiAlex Muturi Aged: 12 year old asks.

Sad, confused, hurt, and numb:- There are many reasons why children wind up on the streets  but no reason is good. Promises of security, sense of belonging, desperation and many more pave the road to the streets. In Alex’s case it was all of those. When he was met by the TKW team, he spoke of his life before joining the streets as a time of suffering, abusive and discrimination.

When I needed a mother, she was not there to talk to me about life. I started running away at the age of 9. I felt like my mother didn’t want me around. She never showed me love and affection so I turned to the streets.” My mum once told meyou will have to go look for your irresponsible father or else you become like him one daywe cannot live in the same house. It is either you go or I will go…” she followed through with what she said. I was at school when I came home and the house was empty. She had relocated without me. My whole life crumbled and nothing else mattered anymore. Our family was shattered!!!” He still had his school uniform several months later on the streets since his mother’s disappearance.


As the TKW team related with him, Alex kept asking them why his mother moved far away, and it made his tears flow. However, he was ready to go back to his extended family and he agreed to take the team to his grandparents place. However, the most unjust part is that the journey to Alex’s grandparents’ home began on the streets.

“I knew my grandparent loved me but had no way of travelling there and thus joined the streets as one who had no family. Meeting TKW team helped Alex get his life together. They convinced him that he was worthy to live life as a productive member of society and he was not a bad person. Alex was ready to go home to his grandparent. After months on the streets, his heart had begun the journey of healing. He always looked forward to a time he could give a real smile.

alex and grandfather copyAlex was reunited with his grandfather who was pleased to see his grandson. His grandmother had passed on several weeks earlier.

“We have been trying to trace Alex since the day we were informed that the mother had relocated leaving her son behind and today we are grateful,” Alex’s grandfather concluded

For Alex, leaving the streets was not easy and life at home isn’t easy either. But one thing is sure: He has a second chance. His dream is that he will have a new story for his life, continue with his education and pursue his dream. His current family is needy and may not be able to provide for his basic needs but he has a roof on his head.

Alex needs a new school uniform which will cost 2000Kshs, other school requirements of 4000Kshs, basic needs every other month of 3000Kshs. Follow up visits to Alex to monitor his progress 6000Kshs/£50 per visit.

TKW Team is encouraged that Alex and 20 others are off the streets and back home with their families in February 2016. Kindly partner with us bring healing to Alex and help him to start dreaming again