A step in the right direction

It is said that ‘the journey of a thousand miles begins with just one step’.  That step then should be in the right direction.  In 1998 our founders took such a step into the streets of Nairobi, Kenya to begin the work of rescuing boys off the streets and back to their families.  The first child was rescued in 1999, opening a chapter of learning, seeking a way that could ensure that every child we met on the streets would go back to their family.  That small beginning gave birth to the 4Rs model of Relating, Rescue, Rehabilitation and Restoration. Over the subsequent years that model was tested time and again. It works.

This year we hit one thousandth rescue mark!   Over one thousand children rescued from the streets, back in their families and pursuing their destiny in God. This milestone has reinforced our firm belief that every child should be in a family.  Not on the streets.

As we seek to rescue the ‘The Next One Thousand!’, I am convinced it can be done within 18 months!  This a BOLD step founded on a) God’s faithfulness; b) a team of committed workers c) strategic partnerships; and d) a significant number of children who are tired of living on the streets.

Be part of this adventure, ‘The Next One Thousand!’ rescues.