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Charity Waichari- Director of TKW
“I will never forget the joy and exuberance of Jimmy’s mother when we took him home in 2013. She danced, cried, prayed praising while embracing her son in a love grip that said it all.“…  


Heddwyn Williams- Founder of TKW
“I am passionate to see transformed lives and of children and their families in particular. Seeing it’s God’s call, with his help, I can do whatever it takes to resource this work”…

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Lydiah Williams- Founder of TKW
‘Every child needs a family’, I woke up one night in 2006 and those words were ringing in my mind.  We had placed an order for t-shirts to be printed for an upcoming event so I rang the printer in the morning…”

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Stephen Muthoka is passionately engaged with the needy in the society.  He has touched many lives of children on the streets since joining Tumaini Kwa Watoto (Children of Hope) in 2009.


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Harrison Muindi joins us having worked with other children ministries for close to 10 years. He is married to Jacqueline and they have a son. Harrison works in operations and holds a Diploma in Social Work…  


Margaret Mwailogho 
“I came to Tumaini Kwa Watoto in 2006 for a practical assignment and was so captivated by the impact that Tumaini was making in the lives of children that six years on, I’m still here”….


Jane Wambui 
“After finishing high-school in 2004, a friend of mine introduced me to Tumaini Kwa Watoto (Children of Hope), little did I know that I would still be here 7 years later…” 

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Mary Wanjiru
“For several years I volunteered in different children’s institutions with a dream of finding where I would pour my passion in empowering and transforming vulnerable people in our communities…”