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They did it!

Bri-&-Diyan-after-finishingHeddwyn, Brian & Diyan did it to walk another child home. Running is not everyone’s cup of tea, so to speak. There are people who are just born to run, they a re sporty, fit, training regularly, etc. but for Diyan that wasn’t case. He share with us that he is not a runner, he hates jogging, it’s just not his thing. For me this is a serious sacrifice, as I’m literally sacrificing my body, hahaha”, said Diyan with his typical sense of humour.



I’ve never done anything like this in my entire life, so I knew it would be horrendous but….I didn’t care. I was determined to do it if that will help save more children. I didn’t expected it to be so challenging, physically and mentally but it was worth it. I was thrilled of the outcome, with the help of so many good people out there we got nearly £1000 to support the on-going costs of the rescuing operation of Tumini Kwa Watoto. Thank you, everyone.”


Heddwyn-near-the-finishing-lineHeddwyn has done the 10K before, he is our hero. He says, “I just want to let everyone know that I successfully completed the Swansea Bay 10k race 4 minutes faster than last year in 76m 16 seconds.  Next year I’d like to get it down to 60minutes so back to the gym next week. Though very weary later in the day, I’m very grateful to be able to support our Team in Kenya.”

A couple of days before the race, the email below came from a boy who we rescued from the streets of Nairobi 13 years ago. He had highly infectious scabies and I remember that for 1 month I had to smear this horrid smelling cream on him every evening.

Augustine writes,

Hope this finds you well dear Mum and Dad. I’m getting married to a beautiful lady by the name Faith on 22 Nov 2014. I’m requesting for your prayers and support that God may bless my family that it will be a blessing to him. I love you so much mum and dad.  You welcomed me to your house because how much you loved me.  I saw love in your house.  I remember when we went for a mission in Kibera and you introduce me in what you are doing and a lady asked you what if you leave this boy in the house and they steal from you what would you do?’ TV, mali ni ya Mungu so hiyo nimewachia Mungu’ (TV, wealth belongs to God and so I have left everything to God).  Thank you guys I am happy to be in your lives. How I have made you proud cos I learned and practise what you taught me I still remember?”

Heddwyn-with-LydiahThis is what Children of Hope’s vision is about.  Lifting young people like Augustine from the rubbish heap, loving him and giving him hope.  It’s worth every sacrifice I’ve made to impact lives of children like Augustine.To sacrifice towards the rescue and restoration of more children by the Children of Hope Team, you are welcome to support my run and donate at:

Thank you so much.”



Bri-&-Diyan-running-togetherThe race was tough but the motivation to walk more children from the streets back to the families propelled them on. Brian said, “At the 7k, I was beginning to get tired because of the heat, but when I caught up with Diyan, we ran together.  We encouraged each other to keep going to the end. Children like John (story below) are the reason why we persevered.” Together Everyone Achieves More (Team)

John Wambugu (below) is one of seven children from a unique family.  There are two sets of twins. He has a twin sister called Njoki who is very close to him. His other sister Ciru is both dump and deaf.   His mum has a challenging task with 7 children on her own.

Imagine yourself as a ten (10) year old like John who took responsibility for his family alongside his mother. When his parents separated, John saw his mother struggling to put food on the table, he started taking up responsibilities which easily lured him into small crimes.  The situation was confounded when his father remarried cutting himself off from John and his family.


Children of Hope’s intervention brought transformation to this family. John seen here with his sister is now well settled back home with his family.  His parents are reconciled and his dad has taken responsibility up for his family.

Thank you Heddwyn, Brian, Diyan and all those who have given towards walking more children like John home. It’s not too late to invest in these young lives.  We appreciate you.

Resourcing challenge: Do you have ideas for resourcing restoration of 188 children who have been walked home in 2014? Could you do a sponsored run/walk, organise a coffee morning, cake sale, tell your friends & family, etc?  Together Everyone Achieves More.  We got to do it together.