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Bob Baraka 1 copyBob Baraka’s journey: “Name Baraka means blessings but at about 9 or 10 years old I had no enjoyed any blessings.  My life was hopeless.”  We rescued Bob on 4th June 2007 from Joseph Kang’ethe (JK) government rehab centre. During Tumaini kwa Watoto – (Children of hope) Team’s regular visit, he caught their attention because he didn’t look like a boy who should be on the streets. We soon confirmed this when we engaged him and got to know him better and his circumstances. Bob just needed a secure place to live and to be just a child.

Bob said, “My mother’s habit of locking us in the house while she went on a drinking spree, led to lack of food and caused him to run away from home to the streets to fend for myself and my 3 other younger siblings. As if these misfortunes were not enough, I was caught by the city officials and taken to JK rehab center.”

Bob Baraka 3 copyThis turned to an opportunity for TKW Team to encourage Bob by telling him that there was hope for him. After building rapport with him, we traced his family in a slum in Uthiru area of Nairobi using the directions Bob had given to locate his mother. Bob’s family lived in an area that was famous for all the wrong reasons especially brewing and drinking of illicit liquor. The team explained to her the reason for their visit and she was glad that there are people who are concerned about affairs of children and families in these situations.

Bob is just one of the many children in this similar situation.  Many of these children are waiting for someone to care and give him hope.  You have an opportunity to empower children through Tumaini Kwa Watoto.  Walk with us on Bob’s journey to see what can happen when we choose to do something.  Make a difference for just one child.

Bob’s mother admitted all the allegations made against her by her son, Bob. She said. “I’m already tired of drinking the illicit brew and living here. I would like to be delivered from this vice.”  We tried to settle Bob & his siblings in Uthiru and as we helped their mum to but things weren’t working out for them.  In the end we had to think of different options.  The best option was to relocate her & her children to their rural home.  She gathered her children, households goods and then she contacted TKW Team members again to arrange a date for travel.  On 8th August 2010 Carol and her four children travelled to Kisumu as earlier planned. The following day, Carol’s mother, Jane, phoned to report that she had arrived safely.

Bob Baraka-IMG_1202-We did the first follow up visit on 18th August to get Bob and his siblings to their new school. Their grandmother, Jane had found a school for the three boys. We also discussed the possibility of an income generating venture for Carol but she eventually abandoned her children grandmother and went to look for her husband. Since then Bob and his siblings have been under the care of their grandmother in a safe environment.

He sat the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education in 2014 and is now in Form one in High School. He is being sponsored through high school by a friend of TKW from Australia who visited us last year.  During August holidays he was among the young people who attended the Mega Fest Celebration Camp at Bethany. Below is his appreciation note.

This is what Bob Baraka wrote during the Mentoring Camp August 2015: Personally this seminar has been motivational. I have learnt a lot concerning life that Jesus loves us and He is ready to help us as if that’s not enough God has great plans for us. I’m so excited for meeting other friends whom earlier we were strangers, for the nice food plus the great teachings. In additional to that it is my request that we plan for another seminar. Finally, I’m indebted to you for helping me come this far. May the Almighty God richly bless you and continue with the same spirit.”

Regards Bob Baraka