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Brian Wekesa is the kind of boys on the streets who could steal from you.  He looked restless, his clothes were grimy but his rare smile was gripping.  With his kind of smile you could find yourself surrounded by a group of other boys who would strip you of your possessions in the middle of city.  That’s why you need to care and share his story. He said he had been on streets for 2 years.  As he began to trust us, he told us that he had found it very difficult to cope with life on the streets and he looked downtrodden with no hope to cling on.

Tumaini Kwa Watoto team knows how to deal with Brian’s kind of situation.  Your investment in the team is investment in boys like Brian. He desired to go back home to his family but did not have the courage to go home.  His older brother had lured him to run away from home out of disobedience.  Brian also shared that he left home because life unstable due to misunderstanding between his parents. We continued to encourage him that with God there was hope for a new start.

When Brian was ready to go home, Tumaini team was there to walk with him.  He was now ready to ask for forgiveness and to be reconciled with his mother.  On our way to Brian’s home we met his younger brother, Boniface who was coming from school. They recognized each other and hugged in joy. This was a humbling experience and an encouragement to see that Brian was loved by his family. Boniface led us to their new home where we met his mother.  Brian was ready to build with his family again.

Dear partners, to bring children like Brian to a place where they decide to return home to their family takes hard work.  Much more resources are needed to reconcile and restore relationships between these children and their families. Tumaini team members relentlessly pursue children on the streets and in government rehab centres.  Your investment of finance, spiritual and emotional support of the team is investment in boys like Brian.   As we invest resources into the lives of children, let’s also invest in the lives of those who labour day and night to see children, families and communities getting on with their lives.  The team that rescued Brian had to travel overnight for 8 hours to get to Brian’s home. Your investment means that Brian is no longer on the streets begging or stealing from unsuspecting people. Please care to share.