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“Educate a child, empower him for life.  Knowledge is power”

Ideas are just ideas until we act on them.

Late last year friends of Children of Hope sent us an email offering us the use of Sketty Hall for an event to generate resources for children or just an evening with our partners.  They had booked Sketty Hall and paid £500 for an event that didn’t take place and they wanted to donate it.  We started thinking of ideas how to make use of this opportunity.

The idea for an auction was suggested when we talked with Sketty Hall manager.  We shared the idea with Robin Birch who visited Kenya with a team from Parklands Church in 2007.  Robin had organized another charity Auction for Children of Hope and had the experience.  We suggested a few other people like Mike Sheehan and Helen Day.

That set the ball rolling to organize a Charity Auction that will generate funds to ‘Educate a child, empower him for life.  Knowledge is power.’

Read part of George’s story….. George’s aspirations!

Unlocking  potential through Education

George“By going to school one gains knowledge and that knowledge is what one requires for him or her to distinguish himself or herself from others.  By going to school one gets to know what he wants to be in life.  Hs goals, vision and dreams becomes the fuel that drives this person to continue with school.  In all this one needs to give God His place so that He can lead you….For my case, since I am much interested in electronics I am getting assistance by going to places where I am exposed to this field and that is helping me in achieving my goal. I have known how to service computers, open it,  put it back to its original state.


To build more capacity I want to undertake ICT course this will give me an edge as I step into the market.I aspire to be an electronic engineering person, I desire to work in such companies like Sony apple, L.G, Samsung and finally I want to come up with my own electronic valley/company.” says George.

Unlocking potential through education for a better future! There are many Georges out there that need your support to help them realize their dreams!

  • 50 children rescued from the streets since the beginning of 2013 and many follow-up visits to children and families to support them.
  • Equipping Parents seminars – for the last two years, we have held these seminars at Bethany Halfway house and we’ve had a big challenge of accommodating the parents, community workers and the TKW team for the three days.  We trust that your gift will enable us to begin to build extra accommodation for these seminars and our high school students mentoring camps.
  • This year, we are taking these seminars to the communities where we have a big concentration of children coming to the streets. We are mobilizing churches in Kisii County in Western Kenya to address the big issue of dysfunctional families and lack of effective parenting leading more children to the streets.
  • One of our partner churches in Cornwall raised over £2,000 last year for building houses for two families.  One of these houses was built last month for Nicholas’ family.


More children are now in safe and secure families

What shall we say about the many children and families who have been visited and encouraged, children who are now pursuing college and university education and many more stories…!   Clinton has just joined University to study finance and commerce.  He needs a sponsor for the next three years. Thank you for making lasting impact to the lives of some of these children who are pursuing their dreams.

The event takes place on Friday May 10th. 2013 at  Sketty Hall. Doors will be open at 6.45 p.m.  Heddwyn will give a short update of the work of Tumaini kwa watoto at around 7.15 before the auction begins at 7.30.  There will be a break for snacks and we plan to wind up by around 9.30 p.m.





Items being auctioned include:

  1. Tickets for family (4) at Scarlets match next season (£65)
  2. Meal vouchers for Vanilla Pod, Tycoch (for 2)
  3. Meal vouchers for Buck Carvery (for 2)
  4. Tour of Millenium stadium for 6 (for 4 and 2)
  5. Dan-yr-Ogof caves tickets (2 adults and 2 children)
  6. LC2 family pass (2 adults, 2 children)
  7. 2 rail tickets for any First Great Western return journey
  8. Boiler service from Gas Wales
  9. Signed Stereophonics album cover
  10. Paintings by local Swansea artists
  11. 2 tickets for Royal British Legion charity concert in Carmarthen in October
  12. Surf lesson for 1 person
  13. 8 piece dinner set
  14. Leather easy chair
  15. Kenya framed wildlife batiks


Further promises are:

  1. Meal for 4 at Cheryl & Chris Ditton
  2. Breakfast for 6 at Lynne & John English’s
  3. Half day sewing lesson by Lynne English
  4. Guitar set-up including string change
  5. 10 dog walks from Becky Morris
  6. Owen Rennie for 3 hours of house cleaning
  7. Owen Rennie – 1 black bag of ironing
  8. Leadership seminar by a John Maxwell-certified speaker ‘Put your dreams to the test’
  9. Spring clean with Lynne English and Cath Sheehan (6 hours)
  10. Photo session with iNNOVATION PHOTOGRAPHY (
  11. Guided tour round Swansea with John English
  12. Carrot cake (9 inch diameter) baked when required by Helen Day
  13. Decorated birthday cake from Hannah Cox


We appreciate everyone who have kindly donated their time, service and resources.