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Charity Auction: A fun-filled evening – bidding gets under way

TKW Charity Auction

‘Educate a child, empower him for life. Knowledge is power.’

‘Going first time, going second time, gone’, said Carl, the auctioneer.  One by one the items on the auction catalogue went under the hammer.  There was excitement and anticipation as the auction progressed starting with the auction lots and then the promises.  The purpose of the auction was to set up an education fund to ‘Educate a child, empower him for life. Knowledge is power.’

_INN3544The coordinating team arrived at 6:45 pm to set up the auction items.  The staff at Sketty Hall had arranged the tables beautifully for a great occasion and were on hand to assist us.  Items for the silent auction were set out around the room for the guests to make their bids as they arrived or during the break.

The guests streamed into the hall from 7 pm and started looking around.  The auction started by 7:20pm when Robin invited the guests at the same time welcomed Heddwyn to briefly introduce Children of Hope.  A power point presentation and a short video helped prepare the waiting guests.  When the auctioneer took the microphone, the guests gave him their full attention and the bidding started.

What an evening!  Some items like the 2 train tickets were very popular as the guests tried to become the highest bidder.  Can you imagine a ball getting so much attention?  Well, it_INN3601 wasn’t just a ball, it was Swansea City FC’s centenary ball signed by all the players!  It was in great demand which was great for raising more money.   A chocolate fudge cake that wasn’t even in the catalogue lived up to the saying, ‘selling like hot cakes’.   It was brought late but went as fast as it came to the auctioneer’s table.  Other items were slow in going but at the end of the day most of the items on the catalogue went to the highest bidder.  Many of the guests bagged a bargain as they helped Children of Hope set up an education fund.  “Educate a child, empower him for life. Knowledge is power”.



Halfway through the evening, Robin announced that the guests could take a break and enjoy the ‘light buffet’ laid out for us by Sketty Hall staff.  There was so much food that everyone present could get first, second or even a third

helping.  There were tasty snacks to tempt even those who had had their evening meal.  At the end of the evening, there were still more snacks for the guests to take a doggy bag together with their bargains.

It was a lovely evening of a new experience for some.  New experiences take us to new levels.  The guests went home with bargains and Children of Hope will have an education fund with over £1,400 raised on the night.  We trust that this is the beginning of new things as this fund to “Educate a child, empower him for life. Knowledge is power” grows.

Thank you to all individuals and organisations who gave generously as well as those who joined us for the auction.  Together empowering more children through education!