charity-photo-copyA believer in the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, called to be a child of God.  My goal is to ‘love God and to enjoy Him forever’ (Anglican Catechism). My previous work experience was in business and my training and experience, spanning over thirty years is business related. I was on the advance committee that oversaw the setting up of TKW in its early beginnings in the late 90’s.  Then I served on the Board to a few years.  Currently I am serving with as the director for the work in Kenya.  My main task is to provide a vision-enabling environment for the team, partners and our target population of children on the streets and their families.  I have been doing this for the last six years; with a sabbatical from January 2015 to August 2016.

I will never forget the joy and exuberance of Jimmy’s mother when we took him home in 2013.  She danced, cried, prayed, praising while embracing her son in a love grip that said it all.  To me she embodies the pain, anguish of a missing child as well as the joy at reunion.  I have seen the same scene repeated over.  Recently hearing the story from children rescued in the beginning and the difference TKW made in their lives is very fulfilling.

I have leant that the family is the solution to the issues of children at risk.  A two pronged approach of first rescuing the child at risk, then working to strengthen the family unit works every time.  I would want to pass on this learning to as many people as possible in our country. I have also learnt that God can use anyone.