WHAT IS CHRISTMAS? Sharing and caring for others…

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The gift in an envelope said, ‘Christmas hampers for needy families.’ Having rescued 233 children in 2014 it was a huge challenge to pick which families needed this most. The spirit of sharing is in the air and we were giving thanks to our partners who have given gifts to cheer some families. Christmas is a time when families get together to celebrate and catch up.
For many of these families, Christmas makes no difference and life moves on in their daily challenges of hand to mouth toil. Thank you for this gift.

Dominic 2Dominic Nderitu’s Family:He was rescued in February 2014 and his family lives in Nanyuki 400 Km from Nairobi, on the foothills of Mount Kenya, plus two hours motor-bike ride from Nanyuki town. Dominic’s mother died a few years ago. Dominic was left under the care of his sickly father and his paternal grandma. There is abject poverty in this home which is located in a sparsely populated area of Nanyuki without many amenities.

Good tidings of Christmas gift brought a new lease of life to this needy family. We handed them a hamper box with food stuffs and books for Dominic, who was overwhelmed with joy. His father and grandmother opened the box and after checking what was inside, they had no words to express their gratitude. His  grandmother declared a blessing and appreciation the team. Dominic’s grandmother asked him to light a fire and start making some chapatis as they all longed for this rare meal. Christmas had come early for this family!



Alan KafuAllan Kafu and his family were also benefitted from this Christmas gift 2014. They were amazed to receive food stuffs as a Christmas gift. On emerging from the main gate Helen (Kafu’s sister) and Kafu rushed towards the gate to welcome the team.”Oh my goodness! Our angels have come to bless us this season.” Kafu was reintegration with his sister, Helen on 28th October 2014. He has been helpful and mixes well with others. That was her joy and that we had kept our word that we would visit Kafu again.

As team went on to receive updates about Kafu they also presented the box containing the gift. Helen went:”Aaaaaaiiii, God is great; we did not have hopes of receiving anything for Christmas let alone traveling home to Kakemega where we have our other family members to celebrate this Christmas with them. TKW teams noted that all through Kafu’s face had brightened up and his friends from the neighborhood were asking who the visitors are? He responded with confidence “these are my sisters.” He did not wish to extend his explanation of where or how they had met; all that mattered is the love these “angels “had shown him and his family. On the other hand Kafu did not want to disappoint his friends after they had reintegrated him home.

Alan Kafu 2Musalia Muli family felt highly favoured: Florence Muthei,Musalia Muli’s mother, rose from her seat and welcomed us with a big smile. She took our packed paper bags full of foodstuffs. Earlier in the year we had helped her clear huge school fees arears to enable her son to complete school when she had lost hope of her son ever completing school. She explained this as tears trickled down her cheeks. When we told to her that the Christmas gift was from one of our friends, she could not stop crying saying that this was the year of the Lord’s favor in her life.

We thank God for our partners who gave toward these families, for sure witnessing the  smiles and tears of joy from them are the greatest reward…

MusaliaStephen, the skating boy’s family: We arrived late to deliver the early Christmas gift to Stephen’s family but they kept awake waiting for their visitors. Their joy was made full and we thank God that this Christmas will be different for this family. God has visited them. Immanuel, God with us.

JK Hall government rehab: There was joy and laughter as goodies were dished out, food was served and a Christmas tree was decorated. The season of goodwill was here to celebrate!

Every boy had enough food prepared right there by a caring TKW team sharing love in action.

Stephen-sharing-some-goodies-with-the-boys JK---more-food JF-Boys-enjoying-food2

Ronald Mwangi’s family: “Praise the LORD! I am lost for words with the love TKW has shown my family with this visit and these gifts” ‘’May God almighty increase you abundantly! Said Ronald’s mother, Mary Kanini. She could recall how TKW team ignited hope at a time she was almost giving up because her husband left her with three children to raise on her own.

Her business has picked up quite well and at the time of the visit, she was beaming. She shared with the team her hopes of investing more in the thriving clothing business as well as increasing her savings because she wants to diversify her business.

RonaldShe was totally surprised when TKW team arrived with the Christmas gifts. She also invited her Pastor Josephine to share in the celebration. “This will go a long way to boost my shopping as my children and I will not worry what to eat for Christmas” She said as she once again appreciated this gesture.

Thanks to our friends and partners, we shall celebrate Christmas in style as we also celebrate the gift of God’s son, ‘Immanuel, God with us.’  Happy New Year 2015 as together walk more children back home……