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Do you have a desire that would make you do everything in your power to pursue it? John had a strong fantasy of exploring the city of Nairobi one day to the extent of taking a risk to steal Kshs500 from his mother’s jacket for a ticket to the city.

John_Mbugua12 year old John Mbugua grew up with his family, grandparents and his community.  Yet the actualized dream earned him a title of a street child.  TKW team found John standing next to a bus that travels to his home.  He said, “Will you help me return home?”  He had had enough of struggles on the streets. He was eager to return home in our company and had no reason for being on the streets.

John’s parents and relatives were grateful as they received him back home. His family shared that John had disappeared before. They restrained him by taking him to a boarding school which didn’t stop him dreaming of exploring the city.

John_Mbugua with MuaboiJohn’s family didn’t his understand behaviour because the other children in this home are all doing well. ”John, why do you want to show our nakedness to the outside world?  What have we not given you?” His grandmother grilled John in a distressed voice. John had nothing to say to his grandmother’s questions. He was remorseful and apologised to his family. We pleaded with his family to give him another chance.

John_Mbugua with famJohn is a go getter!  He had a dream of visiting the city and took the risk to pursue it.  We need to support him with counselling, education and monthly follow ups.  John is ready for a new beginning of pursuing a new dream.

With love and compassion you can impact one child, John. Each follow up visit costs Kshs 6000/£40 and we need to monitor John’s progress for the next three months. Together everyone achieves more.