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Elvis-after-rescueElvis’ experience on the streets left him thinking through his future. When TKW team met him, he always seemed to be in deep thought. Then one day, Elvis Mathaai said, “Mwalimu (teacher) I ran away from home because I didn’t really like the new school my mum transferred me to at the start of the year.”


As a form 2 student, Fanaka High school was not Elvis’ choice but his parents felt this new school would help him improve his performance. Unfortunately Elvis and his parents didn’t discuss the transfer and Elvis attended school for the first term without raising any suspicion. Some children just need a bit of convincing that the decision their parents make is in their best interest. Elvis benefitted greatly from the counseling we gave him as we befriended him on the streets and plans to walk him home were put into place.

Elvis-with-Edwin--back-to-schoolNegotiating a child’s future is part of what we do at TKW. Elvis asked to express to his parents on his behalf that he was ready to settle at Fanaka High School and focus on his studies.


Two weeks after we reintegrated him back home, we visited Elvis at home and school. We were glad to meet a transformed Elvis and with a changed of perception concerning the school. His mother made these comments: “My son has not been a truant and my wish was just to see him again and listen to what his challenges were at the school. He is a bright boy and I am sure that he will excel in his studies. Once again Thank you Tumaini Kwa Watoto for bringing my son home safely because another person could have taken advantage of him.”I also thank God for answering my earnest prayers to bring my son back home, she continued.


Elvis-with-Mum-&-JohnElvis & his parents are in a new place working through their challenges. Negotiating the future of each child is important. Empowering the child to negotiate his future is means impacting the next generation. Passing on negotiating skills to the parents is what TKW does through Equipping Parents Community Program (EPCP). Crucial partnerships are needed to expand this important program because it’s benefitting children, families and communities. This must mean only one thing, a more secure nation. Will you partner with TKW to equip more parents and impact more children and their communities?