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A father meets his son after 9 years of Separation

Emmanuel1The long search had come to an end as father and son were reunited. Thanks to the TKW team on the streets who bridged the gap! “Unbelievable! I have longed for this day, when my last born son would be reunited with me again.” Emmanuel’s father says with a voice filled with emotion.

“When you have waited for 9long years, you just don’t think it’s going to happen. For these many years I never knew what was happening to him and this has been very difficult for me. I have not seen my son since he was 5, now almost an adult!” he exclaimed.

Emmanuel’s father wanted to be the best dad to his 4 children, but separation from his wife also separated him from his last born son for 9 years.

Emmanuel’s parents divorced after Lokitare, his father got a job that required him to work away from home. After he had struggled for a long time to provide for his family, he says, “I don’t remember precisely what stirred her angry and unforgettable pronouncement: “If you want us to relocate, just know I am not going anywhere but you can pick your 3 older children. Go work and raise them but “take a good look at Emmanuel, it will be the last time you ever see him!” he remembers her saying about 5 years old Emmannuel.

Fathers are supposed to provide for their families financially and mothers are the nurturers. It had been that way for Emmanuel’s family, but his father says: “y myself.”When my wife left I had to learn a new role, one I had not anticipated. I never knew what being a father and mother was about until I had to do it all bEmmanuel with his dad

“This broke my heart as I took my 2 older sons and a daughter, moved to the town where I had a job and I have never remarried, 9 years later. My children are everything to me. They motivate me to wake up every day to work hard and the little wage I earn as a security guard I share it with my children and still send little to Jane (Emmanuel’s mother) to support the son she took away from me.”

He kept a photo of Emmanuel tucked in his pocket every day as a reminder of the smiling boy he last held in his arms nearly 10 years ago. He never forgot his son and regularly mentioned him to relatives. Emmanuel 14 years old now, who had been composed throughout the journey from Nairobi, flew into his father arms, as his father’s work mates looked on.

Emmanuel had been living with his mother and step father since he was 5. On meeting with TKW team on the streets he remembered how he longed for his father. A family friend from his mother’s side had given him his father’s mobile phone number and told him to keep trying. Emmanuel kept trying without success to locate his father. He now produced a name and a phone number. His father was known to be living somewhere in Nakuru and this helped us in the search. “Growing up not knowing where my father and my other siblings were has been sad for me,” said Emmanuel while lookingfor the right words. That’s how he ended on the streets where he met with the TKW team who reunited him with his long lost father.

Emmanuel,-dad-&-Edwin2So much to say…There was no way to make up for lost time. “It’s like being in a dark room and now everything’s bright, there is an immense light in my life now. I’ve got my last born son back and he’s got me and that’s all that matters.” Emmanuel’s father said conclusively in a relieved voice.

Tumaini Kwa Watoto team is strategically positioned on the streets to reconnect lost and lonely children with their families. Setting lonely children into families and restoring families to functional order. Emmanuel’s father could have paid any price to get his son back if he could.  Emmanuel is now safe in his father’s care. Your partnership keep us motivated to pursue another lonely and lost child. Thank you for your partnership. Will you stand up to be counted to reconnect another child with his family? Will you share this story with one person? Sharing is caring.