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Desperate and hopeless was the best way to describe Josephine’s situation.  Her husband had provided for his family until he got ill and died within a short time.  Josephine was also sick, a widow and with no hope for her four children.  Her husband’s relatives took away their piece of land and their house leaving them homeless.  Jose & Paulo, 12 & 10 decided to look for help and landed on the streets.

We met these two boys and walked them back home where we were faced by their desperate situation.  Josephine had tried doing casual jobs to provide for her children but couldn’t keep up with the rent for the small room she occupied with her family.  The landlord had locked her out, she was out of medication and couldn’t afford a balanced diet.  TKW team that took Jose and Paulo home pleaded with their landlord to open their house.  They promised to pay the rent arrears and help the children go back to school.

One of our partners received a story, like the one you are reading today, in January 2016 and wanted to know how she could help.  She gave a gift to buy the children school uniform and pledged to give £50 a month for six month.  This was a miraculous provision for a family who could barely put food on the table.  Rent arrears were paid, school requirements were bought and Josephine could put food on the table for her children.

Fast forward June 2017: Several months ago, these children and their mother were without hope, but through TKW and the encouragement of their community, they can look forward to a better future.  Josephine, who was seriously ill, is now back on her feet and beginning to provide for her family. The owner of the land which was purchased last month has been gracious enough to this family by offering them a piece of land to plant their own crops for food and a room for their comfort. All the children have been transferred to a school near the land and enrolled back in to Miambani Primary school. The children are doing well and have settled at new home and new community/school.

A quarter acre piece
of land has been purchased from the balance of the money that was invested into this family last year. The local administration and the community will help Josephine begin to build a home for her children.  From a small gift, this family has been transformed. We will continue to follow this family’s progress with great expectation.