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Grace Anyango & Antony OdhiamboTogether we can remove children from the streets and give them a fresh start. That’s what equipped community leaders did. The pastors in Homa Bay area of Western Kenya were fired up to go after the children on their streets after our Equipping Parents’ and pastors’ training seminars.Here are briefs of 11 children they have rescued so far this year, bringing the total to 23 children since last year.These siblings, Grace Anyango (13) and Antony Odhiambo (14) are in class 6 & 7 atAlfa Academy. They were rescued by Bishop Jacton Migenda of IPHCK (K). Grace’s family was disintegrating after their parents separated but the reconciliation process is ongoing and Pastor Jacton has been key in reaching out to both parties. Antony’s behavior is improving as he used run from school to the streets. He has now turned a new leaf, listening to instructions and concentrating on his studies.


Siblings -Emmanuel Daisy & StaceyEmmamuel Ochieng, Daisy Aila and Stacey Awinja ages 12, 13, and 14 years are in Class 5 and 6 at Shauri Yako Primary School. They were rescued by Evangelist Mary Ajwange of Jesus Restoration Center. Stacey and Samuel are orphans who are currently supported by the church. Daisy is back with her mother. All three are doing well in their school work and seem to be settling well.



Belinda Oluoch


13 year old Belinda Oluoch is in class: 6 at Oyuka Primary School and Pastor Vitalis of Christian Family Church rescued her from the streets. Belinda has been performing very well in her class work. Pastor Vitalis and his church are giving her an opportunity to study in a private school next term.




Joshua OmondiJoshua Omondi is 14 Years and he is in

Class 6 at Mirika Primary School.

Bishop Elijah Obado of Mt. Zion rescued him and reconnected him with his uncle and he also has settled well.




Jacqueline AdhiamboJacqueline Adhiambo is only 12 Years and in class 5 at Makongeni Primary School who was rescuedby Pastor Naftali Milanya of PFCK church. Jacqueline’s parents could not be traced and she was placed in a children’s home where she commutes to school with ease. Pastor Naftali continues to look for her family.




Mark KeloloPastor Kennedy Otieno of PEFA church rescued 13 year old Mark Kelolo from the outskirts of Homa Bay town towards Migori County.

He was immediately attached to a pastor who tried to trace his family without success. He was later enrolled to Gordia Primary school in class 6 and has been under close monitoring.




Simon WangapalaPastor Patrick Mackiche of Faith in Christ church rescued 11 year old Simon Wangapala and reunited him with his parents after a long absence from home. Simon initially refused to be reintegrated back home citing parental conflicts. Simon has now been readmitted back to Kibwole Primary School in class 4. Pastor Patrick reported that his parents are attending church regularly.




Hilary smilng with a familyHillary Juma (in a white stripe shirt) is 13 Years and in class 6 at Kabunde Primary School. Pastor Paul Oyomo of Faith in Christ church rescued him. Pastor Paul offered to take Simon to live with his family for a short time just to shower him with love and encourage him as he saw other children going to school. It’s amazing how this situation turned out because Hillary wanted to be enrolled to a vocational training school despite his age. Through guidance and counseling, he was helped to understand the merits of education.

Would you like to engage with the issue of children on the streets in your community? TKW team will be on hand to bring Equipping Parents’ and Pastors’ Community Program to your community. You and your community can become gatekeepers to stem the tide of children flowing into big towns and cities. You can also partner with us to financially support these pastors who are caring for these needy children.