From faith to Faith

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Love and hope led him to faith and he married Faith

DSC_692914 years ago Augustine was on the streets hopeless having nowhere to call home. After being on the streets for six months TKW team rescued him and have walked with him through many challenges.  On Saturday, 22nd November, 2014, Augustine & Faith had a colorful wedding with many guests who came to witness God’s doing, which was a marvelous sight to behold. Faith has brought Augustine this far, he has married Faith and they will hold on to faith in God.  They are certain that faith will see them through!



A few weeks ago Lydiah wrote “Augustine is getting married to Faith, and we need to see how TKW will be represented”.Augistine

Liz writes: “I had heard about the transforming success story of this young man and was looking forward to meet him.  Two weeks before then, the Williams had sent an e-copy card that Augustine, who was once a boy on the streets, was preparing for his wedding.

On a Wednesday prior to their wedding, when I was just about to step out for lunch, I saw two people coming through our gates, and for some reason, I knew it was Augustine and his fiancée.  After exchanging greetings, I confirmed that indeed at long last, they had made it to the office.

Augustine seemed at ease with the team members, a sign that they are part of his family.  He introduced his pretty fiancée Faith and gave the team his photo album to see the photos of their pre-wedding, which was a very joyous occasion. They have known God as a God who comes through for them in the 11th hour and indeed their faith though tried many times has been strengthened and their trust in God is sure.

Augustine-preweddingWhy Faith, I asked Augustine? He actually is not sure why, maybe a Pastor Faith who has been an inspiration in his life and more so, because his life is all about having Faith in God!

This is one of the many testimonies that inspire TKW team, to continue to relate with the children on the streets, and rescue them in a bid to reintegrate them with their families and communities and restore them to the position God purposed for each of his creation.”

Writes Liz Musima who represented Tumaini Kwa Watoto and presented a gift to Augustine & Faith on their wedding day.


street3Hope for Stephen, the skating boy

Don’t let his dream die.  Even on the streets, Stephen carried his skating shoes with him. When TKW team rescued him, he said: “I know I will become a wonderful roller skater and do great things one day.”! Every child on the streets has a dream. Let’s keep the dreams of many children alive.

TKW team has rescued 225 children from the streets in 2014 and this is not a battle for the faint hearted.  We must be relentless in our fight to repossess our children and parent them in the right way to become useful adults. We need to do this battle in our homes, in our communities, and we need people who are courageous to take the lead.  Come “walk another child home” with us.  £250, or £20 a month for a year or £5 a week for a year will rescue one child and enable us to monitor his progress.  Let’s see how many children we can rescue this Christmas. Give a child a chance in life.