HarrisonHarry  is married to Jacqueline and has a son Alex and daughter Lydia. He is key in the empowerment, mentorship and sponsorship of the school going children.

“At a tender age, I lost my parents. During this time I experienced firsthand the pain of losing one’s parents and the loneliness that comes along with this terrible loss. My passion is borne of the fact that I would not wish for any child the deprivation and pain that I underwent upon the loss of my parents and the absence of support system that comes with it. I have been in Tumaini Kwa Watoto for the last 7 years.  What has kept me going is the passion that I have for helping other children who are faced with the very misfortunes that befell me. It does not matter how well trained one is, what counts is the passion that one has for helping others, which gives one the drive and energy to soldier on even when things look bleak.

Having been deprived of parental love at such a tender age, I know only too well the joy of having a shoulder to cry on when life becomes too hard for these young souls, and the knowledge that despite all the loneliness that one may experience, someone somewhere does care!”