Here to give Hope – Strengthening Families

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Petro at schoolPetro – Lack of basic needs led him to the streets. He comes from a poor family which appears to be disadvantaged by forces beyond their control. With his father’s inheritance being taken by his elder brother, he was left in a state of helplessness and no place to build a home for his children.

Petro is one of four children, two boys and two girls.  His is a casual worker whose income hardly meets the family’s needs. They live in one rented room. He is raising his family from hand to mouth and at times well-wishers come to his rescue. He is willing but is not able to educate them at all.  He is unable to provide privacy for his teenage sons and they try to find alternative accommodation.

These boys are eager to pursue their education, but they can’t afford books and pens to do their homework and they often steal from others.  They go to school in tattered uniforms and shoes with gaping holes. Their self-esteem and performance has been affected. Are you willing to restore human dignity to these children and by strengthening his family?  This family needs a plot of land to build a home and regular provision for basic needs for at least six months.  A monthly gift of £50 will give them a fresh start.  There is hope for Petro and his family because good people continue to do good.

For Adrian, peer influence led him to the streets: This boy needs a hand up not a hand out.  He was reintegrated with his parents who are peasant farmers in 2017. He came with his friends to the streets of Nairobi to experience city life but alas life was harsh and unbearable.  He longed to return home to rural western Kenya where he belonged.

He’s continuing with his education. His parents and teachers are very supportive but recently the TKW team received a message that he needed school uniform and a pair of shoes. ‘I have talked to his parents, but they haven’t been able to buy these items because they have five other children in school.’ Said Adrian’s teacher.  The other children laugh at him because of his tattered clothes affecting his self-esteem and academic performance.  Austin is an example of many children reintegrated back home but lack of basic needs slows them down.  A gift of £50 will provide these basics and enable such a child to continue with their education and move on in life.

‘I need help’ – Christoph came to the streets to find someone to help him access education because his Austingrandmother is not able to educate him.  He is an orphan who was left in the care of his uncle who later abused him and kept threatening to throw him out of his house.  This is one of the challenges often faced by orphaned children.  He came to the streets to escape from his uncle.

On 12th June 2018, TKW team reunited him with his grandmother who says, ‘I love my grandson very much, but I don’t have resources to provide for his needs.’  Working in partnership with the school administration, Christoph is now back to school and catching up with his peers.  He needs regular education support and to meet his basic needs.  Will you give Christoph a lift to access education?