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“We had to drop out of school, as we could no longer afford it”

9 years old Hilary Kiprono, had a difficult childhood. He grew up in Nakuru County before his family disintegrated after his single mother’s death. He stayed there with minimal help from relatives and later was moved to his maternal grandmother who has since fostered him together with his 2 older sisters aged 15 and 16 years.

When TKW team met Hilary on the streets, he mentioned to them that his two older sisters lived on the streets too but in a different town. ”Please I want to go home but could you also rescue my two sisters too…they live on the streets of Nakuru town, when we get there I will take you where I used to stay with them…” these were heart wrecking words from little Hilary’s love for his sisters. He yearned for a new life out of the streets but also wanted his older sisters to be part of this too.


hillary-family-assessmentAs the team got to Nakuru, Hilary rushed them through the town to where the sister had a makeshift polythene room inside the streets… “this is where my sisters live…” Hilary pointed at a polyethylene made room… Seeing their youngest brother they hurried and embraced him but quickly the team took over and introduced themselves and why they were with Hilary. “Yes, we would want to go back home too and back to school…life in the streets has been challenging… running from the police to fighting for territory with street gangs… For you to get something here, you have to steal or do some real bad things, and the chances of you getting caught are great”! Hilary older sister commented…

The two sisters added to the story that Hilary had told the team and narrated their predicaments that led all of them to the streets…”Our grandmother is old, and after our mother’s death she struggled feeding us and it was also very hard for her managing to pay our school requirement…After a while it became apparent that we all had to drop out of school, as we could no longer afford it. We knew by then that our grandmother was growing old and needed us to support her. We were neither strong enough nor able to do so and we wondered about the future. Our mother was a strong woman and she continued to manage the home and care for us with the limited money she had but after her death things turned from bad to worse… …”We left home because the streets created a good outlet to pull us out from the lack we experienced at home…It was not easy to see our grandmother struggling to provide for us and thus we wanted to create a new environment for our selves’’…Hilary sisters narrated

This was a true communication that though Hilary was the contact child to TKW team, his heartbeat was connected to that of his sisters: it was time to go back home…No matter the challenges at home the three siblings had made up their mind; “when you know you can make an honest living by persevering that is what really drives you, even though it may be difficult”

hilary-granny,diana-and-winnieThe journey home to their grandmother was swift and interesting…Hilary and his two sisters enjoyed each other’s company…the TKW team hearts pounded with great anticipation…”How will we find these siblings grandmother?…Will she accept them? Will she be able to support them after we have reunited them?”…The discovery was not far from the truth…The grandmother was at home and her first gaze on the three children made her visual appearance overcast and to the TKW team this meant a lot: the burden on her shoulders again?!… After a time of listening to Hilary’s grandmother, it was clear that her troubles have been many since the death of her daughter… “They had dropped out of school in June 2013, since I could not pay their school fees, or buy them uniform and books which are key school requirement… they were being sent home every other day from school and it was weighing me down! My body is not strong enough to hustle like young people…these children are my blood but I fail them…” the grandmother narrated painfully…

“I had a good farm in north rift but due to post-election violence we were evicted from our own land to this place we live now as IDPs (Internally displaced people). Life is not easy but I am glad my grand children are back home thanks to friends like you. They have been growing older on the streets and now they seem they could help with manual work to support each other” theGrandmother concluded.

hilary-steve-n-hilaryAs the reintegration day was ending, the TKW team managed to go to Hilary and his sisters’ former school to request for re admission on behalf of the children’s their grandmother. By God’s grace, the head teacher was gracious enough to accept and promised his support toward the three siblings. Hilary and his two sisters will be in school but there are requirements to be met i.e. basic needs (food and clothing), uniform and school fees. These are BASIC needs for every human being…Would you become God’s channel of provision? Partner with us in seeing Hilary’s family united and self-dependent!