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In 2017 our team of six social workers related one on one with 423 children on the streets, government rehab centers and in temporary shelters in and around Nairobi. Out of this number, 389 children agreed to go back to their families.  They have since gone back to school and are making strides into a better life, away from the harsh streets.

Our presence on the streets is a game-changer for many children.  We care, and we stop to listen.  This is how our team connected with Richard and four years on, he is full of hope.

If no one had intervened in Richie’s life, he would now be a hardened young man trying to survive on the unforgiving streets of Kenya’s capital city.

His mother and grandmother ushered the team into their house calling them ‘the good Samaritans’. The first born of a single mother, Richard had been on the streets for six months.  Together with others, he was arrested in a swoop by city children’s officers and placed in a government rehab center where TKW team met him. In October2013, we re-united him with his family. They had looked for him everywhere and even made an announcement in the local radio stations twice with no result. The local church visited the family severally to pray encouraging them that Richard would come back one day.

He was known as a bright boy, the best in his class and was also the class prefect, a teacher’s dream student.  This ’favored’ status irked his classmates, they envied Richie, and made sure he was always in trouble. When it became unbearable in school, Richard gave up. He could not take it anymore.He felt that there was no one to talk to.  He ran away from home ending up on the streets where TKW met him.

During the reunion, Richie’s mother and relatives joyfully cried out to God thanking Him for His faithfulness. “We thank God for being faithful and making it known that in this household there is a God who answers prayers”…

After a life on the streets, Richard “took a chance” with his secondary school education. Working hard through doubts and fears, wondering how his single mother would pay for his education.  Richard dropped out of school again and retreated to his home to work on ideas of how to raise enough money for his fees.   Frustrated and depressed Richard resorted to substance abuse.TKW team faithfully followed him up, counseled and supported the family. Through a one-off gift by a partner, TKW paid part of the fees enabling Richard to rejoin school.

His teachers then got together and paid fees for his final year in secondary school. With this goodwill as well as a determination to excel, Richie got down to work and studied hard.  In the 2017 final national examination, he was among the best students in his school.  He got a grade of B-. This is a direct qualification for him to join University on a government sponsorship.  He has done us proud!

As we celebrate Richie, we remember scores of children on the streets with tales of woe – just like his four years ago. Together we can change their stories – for good.

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