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“IT’S BY GOD’S GRACE THAT WE LIVE.” said the two boys’ mum

Brothers: 12 years old Joseph Mutinda & 10 years old Paul Mutende     


Mutende copyTKW team met Josephine through her two sons after they strayed from home, ending up on the streets and were rescued. She is terminally ill and shared with us that the illness had progressed significantly toward the end of last year making her health to deteriorate. Her husband had just passed away from the same illness. Her relatives deserted her and took away every possession they owned.

“It hurt me because they carried away everything and sold the land my late husband had left for us leaving us with only the cooking sticks, pots and  knives.” “There was nothing left for me and my 6 children…” The days that followed were even more difficult, “I don’t how we have survived with rent to pay, children to feed, and no income at all. It’s by God’s grace that we live.” Josephine said. 

Josephine and her children then moved into a one room rental house.  This one room is their kitchen, dining room and bedroom for her, 3 daughters below 8 years and 3 sons below 15 years old.  Josephine told to us how her 2 sons ended up on the streets without her realizing and this too has added to her stress. She is a mother who passionate about her children and Poul Mutinda copywith a soft voice she told the team: “My sons, Mutinda and Mutende became explorers. They began visiting the markets to look for fruits and bringing left overs food home for us to eat. I couldn’t stop them. They were genuinely helping me but when they disappeared for a month I started worrying. The chief had even warned me but I had no one to help me. All my children want is to be in school but I was unable to pay their school fees and buy them new uniforms.” Josephine admitted


Mutinda & Mutende were happy to be back home and their mother gladly received her children. We pleaded with the Head Teacher to give these two boys a chance as we find a solution as to how this family could be supported. Their mother does casual work of washing other people’s clothes but the doctor warned her that spending much time in the water is affecting her health.


Mutinda & Mutende family reunity copyThis family need their basic need met.  “See all these medication and without a balance diet, will I live to see my children grow up?” Asked Josephine sadly, showing us her medication.

Josephine is part of a local women’s support group that looks out for each other.  She also pleaded with us to assist her financially to begin a grocery shop instead of washing clothes for people. She said the cost of the small business £100 to start and this would enable her stay healthier to take care of children. 5 of her children are ready for school and some who dropped out of school like Mutinda and Mutende and needs school uniforms costing £60.  The monthly rent for the single room is £20.  Please walk with this family for six months with a monthly gift of £25 to help Josephine gain her health, set up her business and care for her children.  Regular support will enable Josephine to build her business and save her profit to grow the business. Restoring and empowering families giving children a secure future!


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