17 Children Back Home in January 2016


17 children reintegrated with their families in January and 15 families received food buckets. 42 families were visited or contacted inthe process of restoring order.

muli copy 2Peter: An adopted son of the family! 14 year old Peter Muli Kioko’s father passed away and he was left under care of his mother who used to do a small vegetable business. The business was not doing well and she decided to get a loan to boost her business. She got depressed because her business wasn’t picking up and she couldn’t pay back the loan. She disappeared without a trace from her creditors and until today, no one knows her where she went.

Peter’s mother disappeared when he was completing his primary education. His maternal grandmother who lived in the same compound welcomed Peter to live with her. He successfully completed his primary education scoring 347marks. In desperation he started looking for someone to sponsor him to join high school but end up on the streets. When TKW team met Peter on the streets he had gone for days without a meal and he looking very hungry and weak. First stop, a meal at the nearest food kiosk!

We encouraged Peter to go home so that together with his
grandmother we could work on a better intervention plan. He was rescued on 28th January 2016. Peter grandmother welcomed and shared with us that he was an adopted son to this family! Peter i’s elderly grandmother is caring for him but she cannot afford to take Peter to high school. Given a chance Peter will do well and has great potential.

HesbonIn search of a better life: Hesbon came to the streets in search of a better life. His parents separated a few years ago and his mum couldn’t afford to keep him in high school. He stole his mum’s phone to enable him to come to the streets, but when we met him he was desperate to return home.

“I want to go back home and never to join the streets again. I want also to apologise to my mum for stealing her phone because I know she has been struggling to provide for my needs…” Hesbon shared painfully with the team.

His mum welcomed and accepted him back and promised to get him back to school. Hesbon needs education empowerment. “You even bought my son new clothes, I thank God for you”…Hesbon’s mother stated

David Mwangi: His Future starts now! …” I know I have been ungrateful to my grandparents after all they have done for me. I have not respected or appreciated them.” David shared.

David had been on the streets for the past one year when we met
him. He desired to go back home and his grandparents were glad to
see their grandson back home again when we reintegrated him.
“God is faithful for He has answered our prayers and protected
our grandson.” said David’s grandfather. The team was optimistic
that David will see the need to resume back to his studies where his
behavior will be monitored closely through counseling that was initiated during reintegration to help him. TKW team has been ministering to him for a while before they reintegrated him back with his family; for it is the only tool that will salvage his future from desolation.

James MburuJames Mburu: – “Nobody was listening to me”, said James. I wanted to go to class 8 but the teachers wanted me to repeat class 7. My class teacher also has a negative attitude towards me and I don’t know why.” James’ parents separated and he ended up living with his grandmother.

James was walking aimless on the streets when we stopped to talk to him. We encouraged him to think about going back home which he agreed. His grandmother welcomed his and later she accompanied us to school to plead Joseph’s case.

With your partnership, we can continue to monitor and evaluate James’s progress. Watch this space. Every child living on the street, or loitering on the street has a reason and he is not there by

a chance. £20 a month will enable us to see James restored back with his family.


Clinton with Maggie copy 2Clinton Osiemo – I want to become a musician: “I came to Nairobi thinking that I will meet with Bahati

[A Gospel Artist] in Nairobi and he will help me to become an artist. I didn’t know that Nairobi was such a big City…I

got lost and slept outside for 3 nights and at some point other children living on the streets wanted to steal my bag, food and clothes. It was at this point that I remembered home…although we are poor; there is warmth, love and security. Thank you TKW for opening my eyes, to see that everything comes at the right season. I am happy to be back home”, said Clinton.


Peter OnyanchaPeter Onyancha- Rejected but dreaming again:

15 year old Peter was ready to tell his sad story of his family. His parents passed away and his only brother passed away too. He was left alone under the care of his relatives who supported him to complete his primary education. He performed well but his uncle refused to take him to high school. Peter’s desire to continue with his education made him run away from home in search of hope. He sought for

person who could care enough to understand his life, desires and help him join high school.

Life was not as easy as he ended up on the streets. TKW team gave him hope as he has been through rejection. He was anxious that no one would accept him but after talking with TKW team who shared with him how God loves him Peter, hope was rekindled. His school fees may not be paid yet but he is hoping again that his dreams will come true.


CalvinceCalvince Kyalo: Abuse made him to leave home

Twelve-year-old Calvince explained that he left home because
of constant physical abuse by his step father over small
issues. He said he was always in severe pain and his
relationship with his step father had deteriorated. One day he
decided to leave home and came to Nairobi. After listening to
Calvince’s we realized that he had suffered from abuse,
physical torture and harassment which he felt his mother was not protecting him. Outside intervention was needed – time to act! TKW team advocates for the welfare of each child by making sure they have a safe and secure dwelling place. We were convinced it was time to take him home and confront his abuser and report the case to the local authority. After the matter was reported, his step father was summoned and given a stun warning on physically abusing the young Calvince. His mother also promised to protect her son and make sure he goes back to school.

February 2016 – Week 5