Joseph Ochieng: Disappointed and Lost

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Joseph-2Joseph is a very quiet boy who came to the city determined to find his sister but after landing in Nairobi he could not find her. Disappointed and lost, he found himself on the streets. He is an orphan who was left under the care of his elderly grandmother. After three months on the streets, he was rescued by city authorities while they were removing children from the streets. He was taken to one of the government rehab centres in Eastland’s part of Nairobi. In January 2015, all other boys at the centre were taken to school but Joseph refused the pleasure of going to school in Nairobi as he said, “I want to go back home to my family in Kisumu”, a six hours’ drive from Nairobi.

Ita, one of our visitors and friend from U.K visited Kenya in February 2015 because she wanted to experience the work we do with the children. TKW team embraced her attitude and desire and took her to Bahati Rehabilitation center, Eastlands. She saw firsthand how TKW works as they approached Joseph. They chatted with Joseph and he really opened up saying wanted to go home.Ita carried Joseph in her heart back home. Thank you Ita, you initiated the process.

Joseph-with-grandma-&-a-neighbourA few weeks later, a team prepared for the journey to Kisumu. Joseph looked very excited as we were walking; but we would occasionally leave him behind just to see how serious he was to go home.   Along the way he gave us stories of his experiences at the Rehab centre and on the streets.

We got to his home at 5 P.M and met this elderly grandmother, who shouted, “Boi! Boi! Boi!, where have you been! Ooh Nyasaye erokamano (Thank you God) “Come my son,” she held him as she blessed him with great joy. During that moment of celebration, Joseph walked outside and his grandma paused and asked, “Has he gone again?” A few minutes later, Joseph came back with sticks and started lighting the fire. The neighbors came and you could see real love. One of the neighbors who is also his teacher came with her daughter, she said, “We wanted to see Boi”, as they called Joseph. Everyone was like, “Boi, you are back. God loves you. God loves this child.” The joy, smiles and excitement could not be hidden. Joseph was back home where he belongs.

Joseph-lights-a-fireToday, Joseph is back in school for his last year in primary school. His teachers had no problem of admitting him to school. Let’s walk with Joseph as he prepares for KCPE, final primary school exam that ushers young people to secondary school. Joseph will need education support as his elderly grandmother can only feed this promising young man.