Maggie is married to Isaac and together they have a daughter Becky.  She is the Team Leader of the Social work and charged with ensuring operations run smoothly.

“We have a 3-year-old daughter, Becky who brings great joy to our family. I hold a diploma in Social Work and Welfare. I came to Tumaini Kwa Watoto in 2006 for a practical assignment and was so captivated by the impact that Tumaini was making in the lives of children that six years on, I’m still here. I enjoy serving the children living on the streets, tracing their families and reuniting them with their families. Giving hope to children and families to live again gives me great joy and satisfaction. Maggie always has a smile and her heart was touched by the way her parents used to help needy children access education in her community.”

“Seven years ago I joined TKW as an intern not knowing what God had in store for me. Today I say what a privilege it has been to serve in God’s vineyard. An opportunity to touch lives, cause impact and see God at work.  I can never trade the experience with anything in this world. I have rejoiced when children who have been on the streets for many years are back with their families.  They have gone back to school, transformed and are maximizing their potential. I have also cried over the children who have died on the streets before their rescue. I have cried when a mother has shared her challenges that seem impossible to surmount.  I have also seen dysfunctional families become whole again and become responsible parents. Over and over again I have tasted God’s faithfulness. And this has changed my life.”


DSC_7006-Margaret and Steve