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David with Tony Sanders copy

David and Tony

Timely gifts: David said, “I cannot thank Tony enough for this kind gesture and wished him blessings upon his life”. Tony is a friend from UK who visited David at home and he was touched by the state of his humble background. Tony offered to buy David a pair of shoes and a text book that he needed to focus on his academic work.

David suffered rejection when his mother got married to a man from a different tribe. We found him on the streets of Nairobi and rescued him in 2013. When we met him on the streets, we established that he was a product of a cross cultural marriage which hadn’t worked. David didn’t bond with his step father Mr. Odour so his mother took him to his grandmother Zainab Wanja Mutua who gladly accepted her grandchild. David’s family network runs across eastern, central and Rift valley provinces of Kenya which unsettled him.

David has shown tremendous improvement on his journey of restoration. His grandmother Zainab is full of praise for him. He runs errands and other chores as requested. He has become useful to his grandmother. He is in form one in secondary school and working towards shaping his dream. His teachers are assisting him to improve his grades. He has also shown commitment to school and does not miss unless unwell.

with John copy

David during rescue and reintegration

David got his gifts of shoes and text book when he came for the ‘Inspire & Empower Mega Celebration Event’ on 18th-20th August held at Bethany halfway house. He joined 41 other young people who attended this memorable event. His joy was evident as he went home wearing his new shoes. He said,” I cannot thank Tony enough for this kind gesture and wished him blessings upon his life.”

We hope that he will live up to the change which has been initiated into his life. For it would be wonderful to see this translated into usefulness in the lives of others in his generation and beyond.

A thank you note to Tony from David Gatete:

Dear Tony