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Lois counts her blessings as she is reunited with her two sons, Isaac and Anthony  

 Isaac-w-mum“Ta imagine” (just imagine) Isaac’s mother, Lois said. I had lost two sons to the streets. Everyone turned against me including my husband, my in-laws and all my friends. They thought that something was wrong with me and that’s why my children were running away. Thank you Lord for showing me your faithfulness. Then my morning came.  TKW team arrived with my second born son Isaac whom they found on the streets of Nairobi. They promised to find my other son Anthony who was still on the streets.

Four months later again these people brought Anthony home. I could not believe my eyes as I saw them walking towards me. Surely this was God who has answered my prayers and given me a double blessing, reuniting me with my two sons’’

Anthony-w-mum-&-StephenIsaac: “I was influenced by my brother to go to the streets. He had told me stories about the tall buildings and the great life in Nairobi and suddenly my curiosity got over me. One day he announced that he wanted to go to the streets and I decided to go with him and experience the great life that he had been talking about.  Little did I know what was waiting for me on the streets: the cold, hunger, lack of shelter and other hardships.  My brother disappeared and I was left alone on the streets. TKW Team came with the message of going home and I was more than ready.

Anthony: “Life was harder than I thought and this time there was no option of going home as I had lost my brother on the streets. One day I went to beg and when I came back to the base he was not there. I blamed myself for what happened to him because I brought him to the streets. I had lost hope of finding him alive again when news got to me that there were people who were looking for me. These people told me that my brother Isaac was safe at home and that they also wanted to take me home.  I was so happy to be reunited with my family.”

Anthony-w-mumTKW Team – We first met this family when we rescued Isaac. His mother was so happy to see her son back as she had been praying for them. She said that her marriage was almost over as the family members continued blaming her for what happened to her sons. Some were even threatening to take her to the police. Four months later we found Anthony who was still on the streets and took him back to his family.

After Isaac & Anthony’s return, relationship with dad, family & friends has been restored. The relatives who include their grandfather who lives in Kitale were overwhelmed by the news of the boys’ return home. Their grandfather requested their parents to take them to visit him so that he could bless them. The boys are back in school, Anthony in class 6 and Isaac in class 5 at Namanga A.I.C Primary School.

Celebrate with Isaac & Anthony’s mum who experienced a double blessing plus restored family and community relationships. Together finding lost children and reuniting them with distressed parents, walking alongside them to restore broken relationships and reconnecting them with support systems in their communities.

Come walk with another child.