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A Journey of Restoration

NicolasNicholas’ story is an amazing testimony to God’s grace and the work that the team of TKW does on a daily basis. We went to see Nicholas back in November 2011 on a follow-up visit. A follow-up visit is a way of monitoring and following on the progress of a child that had been rescued from the street life. It is a regular practice at TKW as it gives us a glimpse into the life of the child after the adaptation back to family life. At the same time it always us to stay connected with the families and when possible help them with  school fees , parents training, food, etc.

Nicholas was rescued in 2010 and brought back home to his father. Unfortunately his mom was still nowhere to be found as she herself left home some time ago and was still living on the streets. 


Nicholas missed his mom but had a very successful reintegration in the family  and also back in school. As you can from the video things have significantly changed for that family and we are delighted to share with you that success story.

We are especially happy to tell you that Nicholas family has a home now.  After building a 3 roomed house for them, we had thought the family was complete but God works in ways we couldn’t understand. The news travelled fast and the long lost wife and mother who couldn’t be traced heard the news… She came back!!

Nicholas with his mom and dadHow else can restoration be viewed? An elderly Peter, bringing up his 15 years old son with challenges.  They both needed a woman, a companion, a wife and a mother to strengthen them and support them at home as well as bring a mother’s touch.

Nicholas’ joy of having his mother was clearly evident.  I have my mother here and this is one of the best things that have happened to me now. We have a big house with rooms for us all.  I thank God for Tumaini Team who has always been there thinking of me and my father…May God bless you”. Nicholas said.  We thank Truro Baptist Church family for raising funds for this house.

In her heart, Nicholas’ mother had connected with Tumaini Kwa Watoto even before meeting them and when they met for the first time, she warmly welcomed them saying.  “You are my other family, my people that I have never known.  When I heard about you, I longed to meet you and say with my own word, Thank you… (Asante kwa kubariki familia yangu)” Nicholas mother said.

We sought to know why she was separated from her husband (Nicholas father) for so long and she said”I decided to go back home to my mother because it seemed there was no hope for me here with my husband.  The house was small, we couldn’t fit and it was like we struggled over everything.  Though other struggles are still there, at least there is space for us to develop as a family. I will do my best and this time I am here to stay.”Nicholas mother’s remarks

Nicholas-and-the-new-houseNicholas father at 75 years of age is a happy man growing old gracefully knowing his family has a home. ”You can never understand the joy you have given me with all your support.  Life has been hard for me, trying different things to make ends meet but all seemed in vain.  My  aging body gives me pain many times but since my wife is back there is hope for me and Nicholas.” Peter said.

Nicholas is in class 6 and though he is a slow learner, teachers and parents are committed to see him complete his primary school education. He is undergoing teenage challenges and needs a lot of support from people who love and understand him.  The family still has challenges of paying for his termly school requirements due to lack of stable income. He is often sent home from school to get the fee and this affects him very much. His father tries to pay what he can but this challenge never ends. Nicholas needs £5/Kshs.500 per month to cater for his monthly school requirements. As we celebrate this process of Peter’s family restoration, join us in supporting Nicholas with this school requirement until his mother stabilizes to look for casual jobs to complement Peter’s monthly income. 

“Together Everyone Achieves More”



If you would like to help Nicholas with his school fees of £5 per month, please, Contact us or leave a message in the form bellow. It will make all the difference for this boy and his future. Thank you!