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‘Thank you so much for this gift’

‘Thank you so much for this gift’, says Karanja, grandmother   It was over a year ago when we rescued Joseph Karanja.  He looked weak and sickly, but very happy to be going home. He was excited to be served ‘real’ food and sleep in a comfortable bed, after sleeping on the streets for months….


Sponsored run  Swansea Bay 10k on Sunday September 22nd   Edwin of TKW is walking three boys home and that’s what the TKW does week in week out.  You can walk one more child home with them.  Returning one child back to their family means bringing hope to one family, one community and one nation. …


Jimmy’s story is beyond what words can express. Who would have expected to see such joy and pain mixed together? As we got off the bus at Kangemi stage, a suburb of Nairobi Jimmy led the way through the market to his home. He is a quiet, calm, thirteen year old boy from the Democratic…



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