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Oscar-&-I-holding-a-tray-with-names-of-childrenLydiah is inspired to pass the baton….

Oscar says, ‘I would like to empower a child through education.’ In a relay race, you must pass the baton properly, timely and in the zone. The next generation is ready to run their race…

Oscar Maina came to see me over his lunch break. He was full of smiles as he shared with me his progress. ‘I’m now in charge of my uncle’s shoe business and he’s paying me well. Mum, God knows our desires, remember I had a plan to start a shoe business? God decided to give me a job in shoe business to give me experience. I now know a lot about shoes and I have contacts with banks. I would like to start my own shoe business in two years.’ You can imagine by now I’m smiling from ear to ear as memories flood back. He also told me that he has found a girl that he would like to marry! Waah!

OscarOscar was rescued from the streets in 2003 and rehabilitated in our family home for two months. We later reunited him with his uncle’s family after a lengthy search. He wasn’t sure whether his uncle and aunt would receive him back which they did a bit reluctantly but Oscar was ready to face the challenge.

Oscar asked us to find him a place where he could repeat class 8 to enable him to join secondary school. We found a foster family and he completed class eight. He had a record number of success cards when he sat for KCPE.

As Oscar & I talked about the benefits of education, He said: “I will mobilise my friends including my boss to sponsor a child through education.” I’m inspired that our investment in Oscar’s life is paying back. Oscar is ready to run the race with another child. Passing on the baton to the next generation.

George-at-TKW-officeMeet George Njuguna – he was at TKW office to see ‘mum’. George graduated with a diploma in business & electronics in November 2014 and he is looking for a job. He also hopes to pursue a degree in electronics in future. In the meantime, he is doing odd repair jobs which give him pocket money. Paul, a friend of TKW is hosting George in his home and has also taken him on as an apprentice. George loves tinkering with electric gargets and a few days later he was back at TKW office to service our computers. How good is that!

George is a young man who lived with the Williams’ family in Nairobi for 7 years. It’s such a joy to see him all grown up and taking responsibility for his life and supporting his mum. I thank God for our part in guiding George and finding him a sponsor who has empowered him with education. George is getting on with his life – inspired, influenced and impacted.

Augostine & Faith – After the church service at Nairobi Chapel, Ita, Sue & I were enjoying some refreshments at the Karibuni tent (Welcome tent) when this big man tapped my shoulder. It was Augustine with his wife Faith. What a pleasant surprise! He was introducing me to a girl who had just served our refreshments. Augustine was somewhere in the church grounds serving. He told me that he is now a facilitator for ‘Man Enough’ training (A training for men). As we took some photos, Sue, who was travelling with me said, ‘Jenny would be so proud to see Augustine today.’

Jenny, another friend from Wales met Augustine soon after we rescued him in 2000. Fast forward to the man who has weathered all kinds of storms growing up to be a responsible man. He is now a business man. He told me, ‘Mum I’m going to buy wholesale potatoes and cabbages to sell in Nairobi and elsewhere.’ Inspiring, influencing and impacting lives is my business for life.

Ita-&-Sue-with-Grace-@KICCIta says: ‘’Overall my heart is still in Kenya. The faces of the boys in the centres are with me as are their living conditions. My grateful thanks to the warriors of TKW who protected us with physical and prayerful efforts….’

Sue says: ‘What makes Kenya really special to me is a team of Christian social workers who have a ‘passion’ to see children rescued from living on the streets of Nairobi. This team and their ministry is close to my heart – and to spend time

with them, experiencing what they do daily is a privilege. THANK YOU James and Liz, Maggie, Mary, Wambui, Harrison, Stephen, John and Edwin.’

For me (Lydiah), this visit was one of reflection and to give Ita an insight into TKW’s work first hand. TKW team is running the race, TKW’s ministry has inspired, influenced and impacted lives of former and present TKW team, children, families, communities and I believe the nation of Kenya. More of Ita & Sue’s experiences in a couple of weeks. A short but a memorable visit! Would like to join me for another visit to Kenya in 2016? Just get in touch.