From the slums to green pastures – Look what the LORD has done for us…

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Mary Nduta with a cow copyMary Nduta shared her story passionately during a recent TKW fundraising dinner.  She said look at me, “I was raised in Kiamaiko slum, I raised my children in the slums, then my husband left me to raise 6 children on my own.  But things changed when I met TKW team.  My son Gaitano was loitering on the streets and involved with gangs. I had just lost my eldest son because of his involvement with gangs. I had lost hope and didn’t know what to do with my children who were becoming rebellious. TKW team rescued Gaitano from the streets and brought him back home to Kiamaiko slum.  They later invited me with other parents to a seminar on how to parent our children at Tumaini’s Bethany Halfway house.  They gave me hope that things could change.

Gaitano Possibilities:
Later they asked if there was any possibility of moving my family upcountry for the sake of my children.  I approached a relative in Gatundu and he agreed to give me a small plot of land to build a house on TKW Team raised money through their friends. They built me a house and relocated my family from Kiamaiko Slum in Nairobi to Gatundu in 2012.  A group of women from Nairobi Chapel donated second hand clothes and I started a small business.  With the little money that I was making, I could feed my children and I also started buying chicks.  With a gift of Kshs.5,000/£30, I added my chicks and my business started growing. I had to sell them due to a disease outbreak in the area. I used the money to buy a calf, built a shelter for it and gave it feeds from there. Gaitano and my other children were back to school and they gradually adjusted to their new environment.   My son, Gaitano is now 15 years old and in class 8.  He is working hard in school to achieve the best marks to join secondary school next year.” Since Gaitano joined primary school in September 2012 he has remained in position 1- 3 in his class. There is great hope that Gaitano will excel.

Mary Nduta- Building her houseDuring a recent fundraising dinner for TKW, Mary shared her story. Mary continues, ‘My children and I are now well settled and healthy.  They all help with the household chores and farm work.  My business has grown and I recently loaned my neighbor some money from my small savings.  When he couldn’t repay it back, he offered me a goat instead.  The goat later delivered twins.  I thank God that this far he has brought me and my family.  I thank Tumaini Kwa Watoto and their friends.”

Above: The home that TKW team together with our partners built for this family

Mary Nduta and childrenFour years ago Mary and her children were living in Kiamaiko slum. Today they are happy that they have their own house and toilet in their own small compound.  Her children are growing in a secure environment.  This family has moved from hopelessness and poverty in the slum to purposeful living.  Mary is dreaming of a better future for her and her children. Mary has made huge progress through continued counseling and support by TKW team.  Look what can happen with little resource placed in the right hands.  Mary Nduta is a hardworking mum who grabbed her opportunity with both hands.  Her local church has given this family spiritual and social support.  Mary & her children have engaged with life in their community.  Do you want to partner with us to move another families from poverty to purposeful living?  Your gift of Kshs 3,000-5,000 (£20-50) could be the difference between poverty and purposeful living.

Mary Nduta-Family outside their House copy