DSC_7633I joined Tumaini Kwa Watoto over 7 years ago to serve in operations department. At first going to the streets to reach out to children was to me like a heart wrecking experience but has now proved to be extremely worthy while.

It was shocking to see big and small boys and girls, very dirty each with a bottle of glue and seeming very happy! And I wondered whether there was any hope for these children?  But one by one, I have seen and keep seeing them rescued off the street.

I used to hear of transformation but today I have experienced and can confidently say transformation is real. It has been a life changing experience, witnessing children once on the streets ready to go home, putting off dirty clothes and putting on new clothes after showering; very symbolically of the life of a sinner before and after, the life when we get born again through Jesus-totally set free. The picture of my first visit to the streets seeing children with a bottle of glue in filthy clothes and today’s picture of the same child in school uniform, carrying a bag and progressively being changed has brought an overhaul in my mental perspective of what transformation is all about.  My experience in TKW operations is one of life time!