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turkana-boyErick lokampi is a Turkana boy born 13 years ago at a small village in the plains  of  a locality called Lenget , Kampi ya moto.

He is a short, dark coloured chocolate boy who is so much outgoing .He is a friendly, warm hearted young man with a potential to achieve much in life at his age.

The boy would want to go back to school so that he can achieve his dream of becoming a teacher. He left school two years ago at class two to fend for himself .They are six children in their family under the care of the grandmother. Both parents have passed on and in this case, one would not want to imagine what goes on in  the mind of the grandmother when she finds that she cannot meet the needs of her grandchildren. This condition must have made Erick feel like a man who is meant to be a provider ,he has to move out and look for survival ways which could also help him chip in the family kitty and lessen the grandmother’s burden. Just like any other man, he must have heard stories about life in the cities which is painted as glamorous with a lotturkana-boy--and-grnad-mother of opportunities to accommodate everybody. I am imagining how Erick was dying with anticipation to grab those opportunities. I am seeing him trying tooth and nail to look for information which could free him from the sting of poverty. To his amazement, he realizes finances are required to facilitate him from point A to B but he is too young to get an employment which could enable him to earn enough to embark on his journey. He results to use unorthodoxical means to achieve his aspiration. This opens a door for him to look for items which has been left unattended so that he can sell and get money. He finds himself becoming a petty offender not out of choice but circumstances beyond him push him into it.

The circumstances back home are pathetic. The grandmother sleeps on the floor of her house ,on makeshift bed taking the comfort of an improvised mattress which has been made of sacks .Her presumed mud walled room accommodates even chickens some of which are hatching eggs. The presence of other siblings and scramble for food  might have made him feel out of place because they appear to be a tribe. This and other unforeseen issues must have made Erick feel ,there must be another better life than what is being encountered. Through thick and thin ,he decides to embark on a journey to the unknown hoping to strike it rich. Once away from home,  he finds himself immersed in challenges bigger than his mind can handle at that age .He discovers that the only way to survive is to look for food in the garbage pits and sleep on the hard floor of the veranda of buildings inside a sack to keep warm. This he discovers that it is much more than he had bargained for. The urge for comfort under the roof, warmth in a house,  encouragement and sense of be valued in a home setting rang  a bell in his mind. The idea of children playing in a learning  environment at school triggers his wanting to join the pack and be counted among the number.

turkana-boy--family-pictureIt dawns on him, East or West home is the best. He also discovers that unrestricted freedom can be very dangerous. He also notes that better the discipline at home with love than what the world gives without mercy He yarns for home and like the prodigal son goes back home down hearted wondering whether he will be accepted back. Once he sets his foot back home,he is received with open hands and lot of jubilation He settles back home with a lot to share with his peers. Rebellion has taught him afew lessons in life he will live to tell .He immediately embarks on his dream which is resumed by joining school.