‘Home before Christmas ’ – 11 boys rescued in November 2012

20112012015Patrick Mutuma is a 16 years old young adult and hails from Chuka, in Meru which is in Eastern part of Kenya. He has lived in the streets for about 3 years, and as he puts it himself, it wasn’t easy. When we met him he was ready to go home and nothing could deter him from his decision.

Patrick’s desire is to help his mother with farming as he a waits to do vocational training to help him acquire some basic life skills.

When we go home, we met Patrick’s mother who narrated to us how Patrick had stressed the family with his truant behavior. However, she kept praying for him to reform wherever he was or at least come back home a changed person. His parents divorced when he was still young so he grew up with his mother. We had a reconciliation meeting with the family in the presence of community members and Patrick was received back with gladness.



‘If only I get another chance’, said 12 year old Dennis

Life has been tough for Dennis since he was born because his mother abandoned him at the tender age of one. His maternal grandparents brought him up, but when life became too hard, he ran Untitled1away to the streets.  On 20th November 2012, we rescued Dennis JK rehab centre and travelled with him to Kinangop an hour’s journey from Nairobi with his grandparents.

On the same day, Dennis’ mother had abandoned his other 3 siblings in another village and his grandmother had planned to go and rescue them. We also learned that Dennis had been to several children’s homes without settling.  His grandparents were not too pleased to see Dennis.

As always we pleaded with his grandmother to give Dennis another chance which she eventually did.  We pray that this boy will find rest, be established and give these elderly grandparents strength to give Dennis and his siblings a secure home.

Simeon 13 years old, the lost brother has been found

As we approached the house we could see that the door was locked. Disappointment was written all over Simeon’s face as he realized that the warm welcome he had hoped from his sister was not going to be. After inquiring from a neighbor, we found out that Simeon’s sister had started a small business in a nearby town. So we sent a neighbour’s son to call her.

She came running and started to weep the moment she saw her brother. We spent some time talking with her over some issues.  She readily agree to give her lost brother Simeon a home and promised to talk to her husband to take him back to school next year.

Peter Swahili 16 years old took time to remember the direction to his home. 5 years ago he left home and couldn’t recognise the buildings and infrastructure that has come up since he left home.  Five years is a long on the streets.

Peter used to live with his grandmother, Hannah who is a pastoralist.  He left home when he was a very small boy thus, his grandmother could not recognize him. Who is this man? Asked Peter’s grandmother. It took a little introduction for her to recognize her own grandson.  Peter and his grandmother looked at each other.

The family, like any other typical pastoralist family, has very little or no value for education.  So we talked with Hannah about the importance of education for her grandson and she agreed to take Peter for vocational training. All in all Peter was happy to be back home again before Christmas.

Ian Kemboi, 14 years – desiregranted. We often pray that God would prepare a safe dwelling place for every child we plan to reintegrate with his family. Over the years, Ian’s father lived an irresponsible life of drinking and gave his children harsh punishment causing Ian to regularly run to the streets which made it very difficult for him to settle.

When we took him back to his home in Kitale, we found a transformed father who had committed his life to Christ and now attends church with his family. With hope in his heart, he received his son and is willing to gradually work out their father-son relationship. Ian on the other hand asked for forgiveness for leaving home without warning and causing his family much pain.  We thank God for Ian’s parents who love him in spite of what has done.  They are ready to support him and help him settle at home.

“Taking me home would be the best Christmas gift”, said 14 years old Anthony Mabonga


Ululation filled the air at Moi’s Bridge when Anthony entered their homestead and began calling his grandmother in his native luhya language.”Kukhu Kukhu!” His grandmother’s voice was heard in one of the huts. We followed as Anthony led us, in seconds they were locked in tight hugs and there was more ululation. Anthony was under the care of his parents who lived near Kenya-Tanzania border. He had been asked to do some house chores but went to play and forgot.  He was afraid of being punished and ran to the streets where we met him a few months ago.

Anthony’s family was very happy to receive him.  He will enjoy Christmas with his family as he had desired while preparing to join class 5 in 2013.

Looking for a place to belong is 13 years old Dennis Kiarie driven to the streets by his parents’ separation, ‘Finally I am home’ said 14 year old Joseph, whose only hope is his uncle’s family as well as Wycliffe Nyange, Titus Mosota, Henry Nyambuto, boys who come from Kisi in western Kenya to just get a glimpse of the city’s tall buildings.   All reconnected with their families.

Having rescued these boys, the real task of restoring them and their families has just begun.  We however, rejoice that their desire to be ‘home for Christmas’ has been granted.  Rejoice with that eleven (11) children have been rescued and reintegrated with their families – the place where they belong!

Tumaini Mass rescue