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Tony’s challenge – 4 days that make a world of difference…

All smiles with the boys @JK Hall copy

Tony Sanders’ first pictures on streets of Nairobi with Tumaini Kwa Watoto -Children of Hope – August 2015. What a challenging job and such amazing boys. Just in the wrong place!! Look at these smiling faces, what a difference it will make to move them from the streets back to their families where they belong. See Collins’s story.

It seemed like a joke when Tony Sanders said he was going to Kenya as part of Interserve’s corporate social responsibility (CSR), “Give a Day Relay Challenge”. Tony hit the ground running on August 6th, out on the streets with TKW Team and then to JK Hall rehab centre! Tony is determined to raise more than £2500 to walk more children back to home. Setting lonely children into families and restoring families to God’s order is TKW’s mission.

This is Tony’s third visit to Kenya, partnering with Tumaini Kwa Watoto. Last year, Tony was part of Kernow team from Truro Baptist Church that raised funds and spent two weeks renovating Bethany Halfway House – a place of hope and transformation, dreams come alive as children are rehabilitated.

Collin13 year Collins was quickly learning survival skills of street life. When TKW team met him at Muthurwa, his clothes looked cleaner when compared with other boys, which made it easy to pick that he was a recent arrival on the streets. It took time to build his trust, but as we related with him, he gained confidence and opened up.

Collins said’ ’I was brought to Thika by my father against my wish.’ His father who is a bus driver works in Thika, 42 kms from Nairobi. Collins used to live with his mother at their upcountry home in Homa Bay County, western Kenya. His father noted that he was lagging behind in his school work and looked for a school in Thika near where he worked to closely monitor Collins’ progress. But he didn’t share his plan with Collins until they arrived in Thika,

Soon, Collins was enrolled in school where he stayed for a short time. He didn’t adjust well to the new environment living with his dad. He started missing school without his father’s knowledge. He would wake up in the morning, prepare to go to school, put a change of clothes in his bag to change into when he got away from home. Collins had been on the streets for only 2 weeks when TKW team met him rescued him and took him back home.

Collin schoolingCollins’ father was furious with Collins as he told TKW team that he didn’t know what else he could do for his son because he had tried all means. Somehow, the team managed to cool his temper and to convince him that Collins was ready to go back to school. We also counselled Collins on the importance of focusing on his education to get him on the road to maximising his potential.

Finally, Collin’s was back home and ready to go back to school. He said, “I’m glad to be back home, east or west, home is best.” TKW team looks forward to visiting him to monitor his progress.

It is for children like Collins that Tony is sacrificing his comfort to raise more than £2500. Supporting Tony’s initiative will mean that TKW team will walk 10 children back home and walk alongside their families for three months! Can Tony count on you to raise more than £2500? Tony is somewhere in this picture, can you spot him? Thank you for supporting this initiative and walking lost and lonely children back home!