Tumaini Kwa Watoto has a 4-R’s strategy that focuses on the process of rescue and reintegration of children from the streets, rehabilitation centres and children’s homes.

   Relationship The outreach department seeks to build rapport with the children on the streets with the aim of rescuing them, rehabilitating them in a family that is relating well with one another and with God

   Rescue – Once the outreach team has built rapport with the children living on the streets, following the acceptable procedure, the child is removed from the streets and taken to the rehabilitation/ half way centre or directly to their own family.

   Rehabilitation – The child is rescued and moved to the rehabilitation centre where there is a father and mother figure.  It is in this centre that the child is prepared as well as the family for the re-integration and re-establishment of the child in his own family

       Restoration – Most of the families in which the children living on the streets come from are dysfunctional and for the children to realize their potential, the families will need to be restored.  The restoration is holistic i.e. economically, socially, culturally, spiritually